Rhodes at the Dome Plymouth Devon
Rhodes at the Dome Wedding Venue, Plymouth Hoe, Barbican, Plymouth, Devon

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Gary Rhodes

"What often surprises my friends and family is that for me the best part of my job isn't just the cooking and preparation of dishes, it's the smile on my diners faces, the laughter and the great time my guests have, for me it's all about the experience I'm able to give my customers, from that welcome smile when you walk in, to the glass of crisp, refreshing Chablis to the world class food we're able to serve.

I've been fortunate enough to cook for Presidents, Kings, Queens and even the odd professional dancer (from my infamous time on Strictly Come Dancing!), but time and time again it's the quiet customer in the corner that makes my day when they come up and personally thank me for what my team have done.

Weddings, for all of us here, represent something special, it's the once in a lifetime event, the one day you will never forget, a brief moment frozen in time for eternity. Every member of my team genuinely feels honoured that we get to help so many people celebrate their wedding day and that's what gives us our drive, our commitment to keep creating award winning food and to providing the best service possible, the knowledge that we are helping make so many people so very happy.
- Gary Rhodes OBE

Gary is one of the world's most highly sought after chefs, having spent a lifetime in the hospitality industry he's won more Michelin Stars than most chefs have even dreamt of! His cookbooks and numerous television series have helped inspire a generation and re-defined the 'Great British Classics' whilst changing a nations food habits. His passionate drive for, not just excellent, locally sourced produce, but also for exceptional service and training has created the perfect wedding venue.

Gary has been married for 31 years and has 2 sons; he appreciates the significance of family and the importance of marriage. "I am a great believer in marriage," he says. "I've been with Jennie, my wife, for 28 years, though we were naughty and did live together before we married!"

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